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Drivers compete in one of the following classes:

Step-Van, Straight Truck, Flatbed, Sleeper, Twins, Tanker, 3 Axle, 4 Axle, 5 Axle


The competition is limited to 6 drivers per class from each GMTA member company plus the returning Champion (2024) of that class.


No class or driver changes, including onsite, will be accepted after April 1. Class changes made before April 1 will require a new driver entry form to be submitted.

Eligibility Requirements

To compete, a contestant must:

  1. Have been continuously employed as a truck or step van driver by their present employer since August 15, 2023.
  2. Have driven and performed the regular duties of a truck or step van driver since August 15, 2023.
  3. Have not been away from the regular duties of a professional truck driver beyond an aggregate of 30 calendar days since August 15, 2023.
  4. Have not been involved in a PREVENTABLE fleet motor vehicle or motor carrier vehicle accident since August 15, 2023. Click Here for determining non-preventable accident eligibility.
  5. Have the proper class CDL plus required endorsement(s) for the class of competition.
  6. Hold a CDL from or have been occupationally domiciled in the state of Georgia. Occupational domiciled is defined as the terminal, garage or other operating base from which the driver normally works is supervised and/or where the employer is corporately headquartered.
  7. Have not served as a member of any State Trucking Associations Truck Driving Championships Committee since January 1, 2024.
  8. Certify that the class of competition they are entering in 2024 is not a class in which I won at the state or regional TDC and/or competed at the National TDC or National SVDC in 2022 and 2023. I understand that after winning two consecutive years at the State TDC and/or competing two consecutive years at the Nationals in that same class of competition, I am not eligible to compete in that same class for one year if a step van competitor and two years if a competitor in any other class.
  9. Have not received any form of pay, bonus, prize or other consideration for time spent in practice as set forth in the Truck Driving Championships Rules & Procedures. I agree that if I compete and win the State TDC, that I will compete at the National TDC or SVDC (as applicable), unless disqualified or am detained due to a medical emergency, in which case I will notify the applicable State Trucking Association immediately. I acknowledge that any misstatement made with respect to my eligibility for the TDC or SVDC competition may result in the forfeiture of my right to compete or in my disqualification from said competition.
  • Owner-Operators are not eligible to compete in the TDC program unless they are contracted to a single company.
  • Those who drive professionally and also serve as driver trainers are required to spend 60% of their time serving as a professional driver (behind the wheel) and must perform the regular duties of a professional truck driver for a minimum of 1200 hours annually.