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All times listed are subject to change, please refer to the schedule, printed schedule handed out at orientation and announcements made by TDC officials for any changes in the schedule.

Deadlines & Punctuality

All participating companies, managers, and contestants must meet required deadlines and be prompt for all events.  Failure to meet the deadlines and/or tardiness will result in disqualification.

Facebook Group

We invite everyone involved in the TDC to join the GA TDC Facebook Group.

Facts For Drivers

This is the study guide for the written exam and the driving competition. Facts for Drivers books are not provided by GMTA and can be purchased from ATA.

Closed Course

No one is allowed in the TDC Course area, Grand Hall Lot or Pavilion unless it is during the hours of the competition. Anyone found in the restricted areas before or after hours will be subject to disqualification of themselves and/or their company.  This includes drivers, spouses, children, friends, company officials or anyone who should not be in the competition area.

Running Order

A running order will be posted in the lobby of the hotel on Wednesday. Click here for the 2024 Running Order

Electronic Devices

Cell phones, cameras, recording devices, devices that can receive data, send data and/or signal notifications are NOT allowed at registration, in the grand hall lot, in the ballroom, on the course, or in the driver’s possession during any phase of the competition (Registration – End of competition). This includes smartwatches, fit bands, or any device viewed as questionable by TDC Officials. This includes Thursday morning at registration! 

Participants with these devices in their possession will be disqualified and given a score of 0 for all competition events. That zero score will go against the team score.

Appearance of Contestants

The Georgia Truck Driving Championship is a professional event that displays the skills of Georgia’s best professional drivers. To that end, all contestants must adhere to the event’s appearance and attire guidelines. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

All contestants’ hair shall be of natural color (i.e., blond, black, brown, red, or grey) and not such that would diminish the professional uniform. Fluorescent or similar dyed hair colors are prohibited.

Every Contestant must wear the recognized uniform of their motor carrier during the competition. If the contestant’s company does not have a uniform, contestants are expected to dress in a way that projects a positive and professional image. All contestants must wear a collared shirt and a belt, as no pants sagging will be acceptable. No T-shirts, No sweatpants, No gym shorts.

Rookie Orientation

There is a mandatory orientation Thursday @ 7:00 AM for competitors joining us for the first time. Get to know the other competitors, the committee, GMTA Staff and learn more about what your time at the GA TDC will look like.

Onsite Registration

Thursday at 7:10 am Driver Registration & Check-In @ the Legacy Lodge Blue Ridge Ballroom, drivers who are absent for registration will be subject to disqualification. 

DO NOT COME TO REGISTER PRIOR TO 7:10, unless you are attending Rookie orientation at 7:00.


You will be given a badge at registration. You must wear it during the competition.

Driver Orientation

All drivers must be present for orientation.

Orientation will be held Thursday morning at 8:20 am.


Contestants must finish all practice for the competition before registration. Participants found practicing after registration will be disqualified.

Written Test

Thursday at 7:45 am @ the  Legacy Lodge Blue Ridge Ballroom 

Do Not sit next to other competitors from your company.  You do not need to sit in your class.

You do not need to bring anything with you to the written test.

The test will be 30 minutes and 20 questions, each question is worth 5 points.


Copies of some of the written test questions we have used in the past are available for participants to use as a study tool.  These may include tests from any previous TDC, so the information may no longer be relevant in the 2023 Facts for Drivers, but good practice as to how questions may appear on the GA Written Test.

Course Walk

The course walk will be at the Grand Hall Parking Lot the day you drive, please refer to the schedule for the appropriate times. Please refer to the attached map for where to meet. An updated map and location will be reviewed during orientation.

The course walk will take 10 minutes, and contestants may not ask questions during the course walk.

You may not pace off the course or measure problems between problems or equipment. You may not have phones, smart watches, or pedometers. Based on input from past contestants, we will have people watching for any violations of this rule.

Please do not rely on the position of cones and other course objects or objects around the course for measuring points, as they can and will be moved throughout the competition.

Holding Area

All drivers will be assigned holding groups. Once you have completed your event for Thursday, you are free until Friday morning, then you must report back to your assigned holding area at the time on the schedule. 

Dinner & Ceremony Information

If you are joining us for the Friday evening dinner, it begins at 5:30 pm on Friday, May 10th at Peachtree Point Pavillion.

The 2024 Awards ceremony will be held at the Peachtree Point Amphitheatre @ 7:00 pm and is open to all friends and family of the drivers.

For more information, schedule and to purchase additional dinner tickets, click here (link coming soon).

Free Time & Driver Discussion

You can watch the competition during your free time, but you are not allowed on the course or in or around the pre-trip area.

Violating any of these regulations may result in disqualification from the competition. You should not discuss the details of the course or pre-trip with other contestants.

Grand Hall Area Map

For a map of the course area, click here.