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What is Wrong With Georgia?

The Need for Transparency in Georgia Courtrooms!

Lawsuit abuse needs to end in Georgia.  Trial lawyers are making a mockery of justice in our state and we all are paying for it.  Lying, misleading people or covering up information is bad.  It is unethical behavior, but for Georgia trial lawyers it’s part of the business model.  See below how they hide information about plaintiff’s actions, lie about actual costs when demanding reimbursement and cover up who is paying the bills and making money off the lawsuits they bring.

The three short videos below, highlight three different forms of lawsuit abuse used by trial lawyers in the state of Georgia.

Seatbelt Use Admissibility

Georgia law lets someone break the law, act recklessly and take stupid risks – and then demand others pay for it.

Phantom Damages

Georgia law lets someone sue you to get “reimbursed” for money they never actually spent.  Georgia trial lawyers use this every day to gain bigger fees for themselves.

Third Party Lawsuit Financing

A lawsuit is supposed to be about recovering damages, but Georgia lets it become a lottery for investors.  Outsiders fund the lawsuit for a chance to take a big chunk of any win. The defendant, judge and jury never get to know that a gambling investor has to get paid.