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Please read this entire page - it contains information about registering, paying and how to submit the driver paper work

Registration Pricing

305 per driver
  • Driver Registration
  • 1 Dinner Ticket for Driver
  • 1 Dinner Ticket for guest

Awards Dinner

Ticket Packages
  • 10 tickets - $750
  • 5 tickets - $385
  • individual tickets - $80

Decisions to make prior to registration

  • Who will be the Company Primary Contact for the TDC?
  • Do you have Additional Contacts for the TDC that need to be kept in the loop?
  • What level of Sponsorship would you like to do this year?
  • What size tent is your company bringing or renting?
  • How many extra dinner tickets does your company need?
    • Note: Each driver receives a ticket for themselves and a guest. You don’t need to include them, or any tickets included in your sponsorship in your total.
  • How many drivers will your company have in the TDC?

Driver Registration

Register & Pay online for the TDC before March 19th

    • Go to the registration page on the GMTA Website – Click Here
    • Enter your email address and click GO
      • If the email address is NOT in our database – enter your name, then click continue.
      • If the email address is in our database – confirm your name, then click continue.
    • Click the plus sign to add a Company Primary Point of Contact.
      • You can only add 1; this person will be the one in communication with GMTA the most, both leading up to the TDC and will be onsite. This Contact is required to complete registration.
    • Click the plus sign to add Additional Company Official Contacts you would like to have kept informed of TDC info.
    • Select a Sponsor Level. Click here for Sponsor Information and what is included.
    • Click Continue
    • Enter each point of contact information. You can search for them in our database by typing their name and hitting search or Entering their contact information.
      • The Company's Primary Point of Contact is first.
        • Under Additional Information, you are required to enter the Tent Space Needed
      • The Additional Company Official Contacts Info will be next.
      • If you selected a sponsorship, please enter the sponsor info.
    • Click Continue
    • Please select how many Dinner tickets you need; you can purchase them in quantities of 10, 5, and 1.
    • Enter the number of drivers you want to register for the GA TDC.
    • Click Continue
    • Complete registration by entering your Payment Information and clicking Pay Now.

Driver Entry Form Submissions

  • To submit the entry forms for your drivers, you will need the following items for each driver and in the following order:

    1. Driver Registration (page 1 of the 2024 GA TDC ENTRY FORM)
      • Fill in all information on the form. Drivers with incomplete forms are not eligible to compete.
      • Make sure the Competition Class selected matches the class from page 2
      • If the Driver is a Rookie, please type ROOKIE to the right of the State TDC Field on the bottom right portion of the Form.
    2. Driver Entry and Release (page 2 of the 2024 GA TDC ENTRY FORM)
      • Review with your driver all of the information on this form.
      • Verify the driver has the CDL Requirements for the class of entry. They are listed on the form.
      • Signatures may be electronic.
        • If the Driver is a Rookie, please type ROOKIE to the right of the State TDC Field on the bottom right portion of the Form.
    3. Receipt of Information and Finalist Information
      • Drivers must certify that they have received their Facts for Driver’s Books and that a company official has provided them with links to the GA TDC Website so they can review the rules and guidelines.
      • Select two songs that may be played should an award be given at the Award Ceremony.
    4. Current MVR showing the Driver’s Proper Endorsements
      • Must be pulled within six months of May 9, 2024 (Nov. 9, 2023) and show that the driver's medical card is valid.
      • A CDL copy is NOT necessary, as the information is provided on the MVR.
      • Please note the following:
        • If a driver's CDL or Medical card expires by 4/15/2024, a new license or Medical card must be provided by 4/15/2024 before they are eligible to compete.
        • As the entering company, you ensure that your competitors meet the eligibility criteria. They must have a valid CDL with appropriate endorsements, a clean accident record, and a current Med Card at the time of competition. GMTA will validate the class winner's information and disqualify participants without current or valid information.