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This guide provides comprehensive guidance for companies interested in participating in the 2024 Georgia Truck Driving Championship (TDC). It outlines essential steps, from reviewing competition details and deciding participation parameters to registering drivers, submitting required forms, and booking hotel accommodations. This guide serves as a roadmap to navigate the registration process effectively and ensure a seamless experience at the GA TDC.

Competition Participation Details For You and Your Company

1. Review the following

2. Decide Things

  • Who will be the Company Primary Contact for the TDC?
  • Do you have Additional Contacts for the TDC that need to be kept in the loop?
  • What level of Sponsorship would you like to do this year?
  • What size tent is your company bringing or renting?
  • How many extra dinner tickets does your company need?
    • Note: Each driver receives a ticket for themselves and a guest. You don’t need to include them, or any tickets included in your sponsorship in your total.
  • How many drivers will your company have in the TDC?

3. Register & Pay online for the TDC before March 19th

  1. Go to the registration page on the GMTA Website – Click Here
  2. Enter your email address and click GO
    • If the email address is NOT in our database – enter your name, then click continue.
    • If the email address is in our database – confirm your name, then click continue.
  3. Click the plus sign to add a Company Primary Point of Contact.
    • You can only add 1; this person will be the one in communication with GMTA the most, both leading up to the TDC and will be onsite. This Contact is required to complete registration.
  4. Click the plus sign to add Additional Company Official Contacts you would like to have kept informed of TDC info.
  5. Select a Sponsor Level. Click here for Sponsor Information and what is included.
  6. Click Continue
  7. Enter each point of contact information. You can search for them in our database by typing their name and hitting search or Entering their contact information.
    • The Company's Primary Point of Contact is first.
      • Under Additional Information, you are required to enter the Tent Space Needed
    • The Additional Company Official Contacts Info will be next.
    • If you selected a sponsorship, please enter the sponsor info.
  8. Click Continue
  9. Please select how many Dinner tickets you need; you can purchase them in quantities of 10, 5, and 1.
  10. Enter the number of drivers you want to register for the GA TDC.
  11. Click Continue
  12. Complete registration by entering your Payment Information and clicking Pay Now.

You will receive a confirmation email from GMTA that will include your receipt.

You will receive a detailed email from with details about completing the driver forms, important deadlines, and information within 2-3 business days, so be on the lookout.

4. Entry submissions due before March 27th

  • No late or incomplete entries can be accepted.
  • Details on filling out the forms are below.
  • See the next page for details and expectations for form submissions
  • No refunds are given for incomplete registrations.
  • All forms must be typed using the 2024 Entry Forms – Click here.

File Submissions will be accepted in one of the following formats

  • Submit a PDF that contains the completed driver info form, entry & release form, and MVR for each driver, with their name as the PDF File Name


  • Submit a PDF that contains the completed driver info form, entry & release form, and MVR for your entire company.

All forms should be emailed to

You will receice a confirmation email with all of your company information from Emily.  Please respond to confirm that all info is correct. 

Before you email your forms check the following:

The forms are in the correct order for each driver

The driver has the correct endorsements for the class of entry

There are no more than 6 drivers for class from your company

All of the forms are completed

Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned to the submitting individual for completion

5. Driver Entry Form Submissions

  • To submit the entry forms for your drivers, you will need the following items for each driver and in the following order:

    1. Driver Registration (page 1 of the 2024 GA TDC ENTRY FORM)
      • Fill in all information on the form. Drivers with incomplete forms are not eligible to compete.
      • Make sure the Competition Class selected matches the class from page 2
      • If the Driver is a Rookie, please type ROOKIE to the right of the State TDC Field on the bottom right portion of the Form.
    2. Driver Entry and Release (page 2 of the 2024 GA TDC ENTRY FORM)
      • Review with your driver all of the information on this form.
      • Verify the driver has the CDL Requirements for the class of entry. They are listed on the form.
      • Signatures may be electronic.
    3. Receipt of Information and Finalist Information
      • Drivers must certify that they have received their Facts for Driver’s Books and that a company official has provided them with links to the GA TDC Website so they can review the rules and guidelines.
      • Select two songs that may be played should an award be given at the Award Ceremony.
    4. Current MVR showing the Driver’s Proper Endorsements
      • Must be pulled within six months of May 9, 2024 (Nov. 9, 2023) and show that the driver's medical card is valid.
      • A CDL copy is NOT necessary, as the information is provided on the MVR.
      • Please note the following:
        • If a driver's CDL or Medical card expires by 4/15/2024, a new license or Medical card must be provided by 4/15/2024 before they are eligible to compete.
        • As the entering company, you ensure that your competitors meet the eligibility criteria. They must have a valid CDL with appropriate endorsements, a clean accident record, and a current Med Card at the time of competition. GMTA will validate the class winner's information and disqualify participants without current or valid information.

Additional Steps

Facts for Drivers

Order Facts for Driver Books from ATA for each competitor.  (a link will be provided as soon as it is available)

Hotel Reservations

You agree to the following when you enter drivers into the 2024 GA Truck Driving Championship and make a reservation in our group block:

  • All rooms are subject to the approval of GMTA, and priority will be given to registered Drivers and then Registered Volunteers.
  • All room reservations must be confirmed with names by March 27th.
  • Rooms reserved and returned to the block after March 27th will be subject to a per room per night fee from GMTA.

For booking fewer than five rooms, click here.

For more than five rooms, email Katie at Lake Lanier to set up reservations. 

Tent Contact

GMTA has two preferred Tent vendors.

Atlanta Event Rentals @ 770-623-0515 mention the GA TDC @ Lake Lanier.

T3 Event Rentals @ 770-887-6142 and mention GA TDC @ Lake Lanier