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About GMTA

Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association is to work to make Georgia the best state in the nation in which to base and operate a trucking company.

Our Purpose

The Georgia Motor Trucking Association is the only organization in the state that provides full-time service and representation for the trucking industry. The Association serves as the “voice” of the trucking industry in Georgia, representing for-hire carriers, private carriers, and affiliate members.


One of the most successful and broad-based trade groups in the trucking industry, the Georgia Motor Trucking Association has been promoting its members’ interest in safety, business and good government since it’s founding in 1933.

It is hard to imagine today, but in that earlier era trucking was a new, paradigm-shifting technology. It held the promise of creating more personalized, market oriented movements of freight by companies that were more engaged, nimble and responsive than the few railroads that had long controlled cargo. Independent though they were, those early trucking company entrepreneurs soon discovered that market disruption brought political backlash. Thus GMTA was born of necessity. If the young industry was to survive and protect all the investments being made and the very qualities that made it so potentially valuable, its leaders would have to band together to ensure their competitors did not have sole access to the halls of power and the growing army of state and federal regulators...

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Ed Crowell
President & CEO
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Curt Earnest
Chief Operating Officer
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Nathan Goolsby
Chief Development Officer
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Emily Crane
VP of Safety & Education
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