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Leadership Conference Sponsor Involvement Information

Below is information to make the most of your sponsorship at the Leadership Conference.  Please save this page and refer to it for all the details.

Once you know your level of involvement in the conference, please let us know by Nov. 3, so we can be prepared and make sure you are getting the most out of your sponsorship.

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Click here for an attendee list.

Please note: Thursday evening from 5:30 - 8:30 is a conference-wide outing @ Punch Bowl Social - with Food, Drinks, and Games. Afterward, make plans for your customers and colleagues to enjoy all The Battery offers.


Vendor display tables will be in Ballroom B. You will have a 6’ table assigned to you, designated by a sign on the table. You may set your table up during the following times:
- Wednesday, November 15th after 3:00 pm
- Thursday, November 16th before 7:15 am

Please note Thursday after the afternoon sessions, we will need to move your display into a different ballroom and then will move it back on Friday am! 

We incentivize attendees to visit your table by having a drawing or game. We will share more with you about that onsite. We also encourage you to take part in interacting with attendees by doing your own drawing or giveaway. We have seen everything from a $50 Amazon gift card, an apple watch, a TV, and even designer handbags. If you would like to do a drawing at your table, do it however you would like, and just let GMTA know so we can make time Friday morning to include your drawing in the schedule.


Should you have any A/V needs for your table at the conference please contact


We will put out branded giveaways for each attendee in the business sessions.  You should provide 100 items.  You may bring them with you to the hotel if they arrive Wednesday, November 16th, before 2:00 pm, or you may ship them directly to the hotel (shipping details below).


Packages may be delivered to the Hotel within 48 hours of the date of the function. Packages or materials of excessive weight or value must be approved for receipt by the Hotel before shipping. There will be a $25.00 per box, incoming and $25.00 outgoing handling charge for all boxes processed by our Security Department. Each pallet or crate delivered to the Hotel is subject to a $250.00 handling charge. Shipping and receiving hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Any Boxes received or shipped on Saturday or Sunday will incur an incoming and outgoing, $50.00 per box handling fee. Should special arrangements for delivery be necessary, please contact the Omni directly.

Our current pricing structure is as follows:
Letter - $5.00 each
0-10 Ibs. - $20.00 per box
11-20 Ibs. - $30.00 per box
21-30 Ibs. - $40.00 per box
31-40 lbs. - $50.00 per box
41-75 Ibs. - $75 per box
76+ Ibs - $150.00 per box or pallet

The following information must be on all packages to ensure proper delivery:
ATTENTION: Ed Crowell, President
Group: Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Georgia Motor Trucking Association Leadership Conference
Arrival: 2023-11-15
Property Address: Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta
2625 Circle 75 Parkway Southeast, Atlanta. GA 30339

A storage fee of $3.00 per box per day will apply for any boxes received prior to 48 hours of the first function. This storage fee will also apply to each empty packing container stored during the function. The Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta is not in any way liable for the contents of these packages.

Once you know your level of involvement in the conference, please let us know by Oct. 21, so we can be prepared and make sure you are getting the most out of your sponsorship.