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Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something
Greg Warren

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”  This famous quote is as true today as ever.  Greg Warren knows a something about selling and a lot about making things happen.  Greg will kick-off the GMTA Convention with his unique perspective in sales and a lot of fun.

Trucking Outlook
Bob Costello

The outlook for trucking has one constant – it is always changing.  Bob Costello will share the latest industry economic data analyzed through his decades of experience and expertise.  Few economists know the industry as well as Costello.  His insights on the current state and what to expect in the months ahead will be invaluable.

Caring for Your Drivers
Sid Bream

Truck drivers and driver care are keys to success in this industry.  Baseball legend Sid Bream knows that and as Chaplain for the 1,000 tractor+ fleet of PGT Trucking, Sid deals with and cares for drivers every day.  Sid will share real-world personal insights from his interactions with professional drivers – and may talk a bit of baseball as well.

Important Industry Data Explained
Rebecca Brewster

Driver top concerns, industry benchmarks, tort costs and crazy government mandates – trucking executives need to understand them all – and need reliable data to do so.  Rebecca Brewster has the data and knows what it means.  This wide-ranging session will provide actionable information for carriers to use in improving and protecting their companies.