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Security & Safety Seminars

TSA Course

What is this seminar all about?

Join us at our upcoming Transportation Security Seminar – a must-attend event for any business looking to fortify its operations against evolving safety and security threats. Our seminar offers a unique blend of expert insights, tailored strategies, and real-life scenarios, equipping you with the tools to safeguard your company's assets. You'll be able to learn directly from industry leaders and peers, fostering valuable relationships and collaboration. Don't miss out on this invaluable chance to enhance your security preparedness while networking with like-minded professionals. Secure your spot today and invest in the future resilience of your business.

Why should I attend?

This is a unique opportunity to learn from experts and your peers. The seminar will cover a range of real-life scenarios, focusing on physical/cyber convergence events, theft, and other incidents developed for YOU by GMTA and ATA Safety Council Members along with the TSA. You will develop relationships with enforcement and determine best practices to prevent and handle false shipping documents.

What will I learn?

Thanks to TSA and MICHELIN Connected Fleet, this seminar is free of charge.

What will I learn?

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your transportation security measures and network with industry experts. Sign up now for the seminar that can safeguard your business and operations.

  • Gain crucial tools and insights to protect your business from safety and operational threats.
  • Learn from expert speakers and peers in a valuable and substantive seminar.
  • Expert vetting of your plans and contingencies to ensure effectiveness.
  • Cover real-life scenarios, including physical/cyber convergence events, theft, and incidents.
  • Build relationships with enforcement and establish best practices for prevention.
  • Focus on handling false shipping documents and preventing diverse security challenges.
  • Develop comprehensive security plans incorporating emergency preparedness.
  • Create a single document guiding security decisions for employees, drivers, and operations.
  • Review operational and security procedures for information sharing and coordination.
  • Explore the convergence of physical and cyber threats with hypothetical scenarios.
  • Prepare against cyber fraud and social engineering threats with expert guidance.
  • Prevent huge headaches and losses by vetting plans and contingencies.
  • Protect your company from potential risks.

Why is it two days and do I have to come to both?

Each day of the seminar will be completely different, come to one, come to both!

Day 1 - Develop your Security Plan

Access operational and security procedure reviews from TSA experts.  Benchmark your plans and procedures against best practices – including how to implement among their employees and partners. This will help you establish both physical protective measures and the operational coordination to minimize risks and respond effectively in case of any incident.

Bring your laptop, and walk away with a security plan.  Who will you call when something happens? What do you do when it happens? Don't let the first time you think about it, be when it is too late!


Day 2 - Put your plan into action!

A few weeks ago you had a data breach, no big deal right?  That's ITs problem! Then, a few weeks later, there are some new delivery addresses for longtime customers your drivers are calling you (you know they are going to call you!), your dispatchers aren't sure what to do, your drivers aren't sure what to do, what will you do?  Turns out, in the data breach bad actors took your company and customer information to create false loads, fake bills of lading and more.  What will you do?

This scenario and those similar to it and are happening more and more in our industry, spend the day discussing with experts and peers on what to do when it happens to you.

After the seminar, you'll receive a summary guide of what was covered and discussed, ensuring you have all the information you need to secure your business or organization. Don't wait until it's too late to start thinking about your security plan.