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Nathan Goolsby Bio
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Nathan Goolsby

Nathan Goolsby

Chief Development Officer

Nathan Goolsby joined the staff in January of 2017. He has an associate’s degree in business administration from Gordon State College in Barnesville, GA, and a B.A. in history and political science from Georgia State University.

Nathan brings a solid history of sales and development work to his position at GMTA. While in school at Georgia State, Nathan worked in sales for H. Stockton Atlanta handling in-store sales and merchandising. Upon graduation, he joined the Tom James Company in an outside sales role selling clothes to executives throughout the city of Atlanta. During his time with the Tom James Company, Nathan attended an extensive sales school in Pennsylvania and obtained valuable experience in outside sales and brand marketing.

He has some unique work experience along with his commercial background. Nathan left the Tom James Company in 2014 thinking of attending law school, but instead was offered and accepted a chance to join the Ga Dept. of Corrections (now the Ga. Dept. of Community Supervision) as a violent felony probation officer. As a certified state law enforcement officer, Nathan served the state of Georgia by performing warrant and drug operations, and serving as the Drug Court Officer for an Atlanta Metro county.

After leaving the DCS, Nathan returned to H. Stockton Atlanta to get back into his first passion which was sales and marketing. Nathan brings passion and enthusiasm to the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, which he hopes will help grow the organization in the years to come. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys playing golf, duck hunting, and most importantly spending time with his wife, Kristin, and their sons, James and Thomas. They live in Marietta, Georgia.