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2019 Leadership Speakers and Panels

The Shipper's Panel - Part III

Always a highlight, this panel of major local shippers will review the market from their point of view, discuss carrier/shipper relationships and shippers’ thoughts on rate trends, market forces and more. They made several predictions last year. Come and see how well they did on those and what they're willing to prognosticate on for 2020.

Pirates, Cons and other Internet Dangers

Brute force hacks, ransomware attacks and social phishing are all daily threats. This panel will discuss state-of-the-state in prevention, protection and – importantly, discovery. You’ll be able to talk with folk who have lived the nightmare of ransomware, and those who understand how to ensure you’re well protected for the attack that may get through.

From the Other Side of the Table - What Truckers do Wrong in Negotiation

What do truckers leave on the table when negotiating with vendors, shippers or even other carriers? This session will feature past practitioners with candid stories of what motor carriers usually did right as well as what most got wrong when trying to close a deal. You’ll leave with tools and tips that should help you drive a better bargain for your services and your firm.

Should You Open the Door for Women

Women make up nearly 50% of the workforce but only 8% of truck drivers. There’s tremendous potential there to help cut into the driver shortage. Changes in the nature of trucking – routes, equipment, regulations – make the industry more attractive and more amenable to women drivers than ever before. Hear from fleets that have brought in large numbers of women drivers and learn from their experience about what to seek and what to expect.

The Legal Outlook for the Year to Come

From ELDs to F4A to owner-operator issues, the legal landscape has changed dramatically in the past year. A misstep can cost time and lots of money. This panel will explore hot-button issues and point out areas to focus on in the year ahead.

Braves Legend Leo Mazzone

He helped train, coach and manage one of the finest pitching rotations in all of Major League Baseball, winning multiple league pennants and a world series. Leo Mazzone will talk about his time in baseball, about coaching superstars to superstar performance, guiding a team and making strategic decisions.